Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Haworthia and Gasteria seedlings

(5) Krzysztof Cz - Photos from Krzysztof Cz's post

seeds MesaGarden
3802.1-armstrongii ISI 90-60 Humansdorp
3802.8-baylissiana Oudekraal, fine clones with compact rosette
3807.3-disticha McGregor Jct, Robertson, short toothy leaf
3823-pulchra Keurkloof, white spotted straplike leaf
3844.2-decipiens Dam se Drif, hiding rosette, white teeth
3845.18-emelyae Saffransriver
3851.1-habdomadis v inconfluens Ladismith airstrip, onion-like
3930.5-pumila Stormsvlei, very dark leaves with fewer tubercles
3946.12-semiviva DMC4354 Beislespoor, white papery leaves
One from Dohnalik Czech Rep. Gasteria nitida v. armstrongii EVJ 6960

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