Saturday, 27 December 2014

Gasteria bicolor v.liliputana Pluto's Vale EVJ1097

Cok Grootscholten's Photos - Cok Grootscholten :

Gasteria cv. 'Ruby' (NCS)

Planet Gasteria

Haworthia cv. Robert

Photos from Piotr Badurowicz's post in Planet... - Piotr Badurowicz: Haworthia cv. Robert

Haworthia opalina

Haworthia : Opalina

Haworthia limifolia v. striata

Matthew Mcateer - Photos from Matthew Mcateer's post

Haworthia maughanii cv

Matthew Mcateer - Photos from Matthew Mcateer's post

Gasteria "Snowstorm"

Planet Gasteria

Haworthia limifolia veriagated leaf cutting

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Agave victoria regina ablo-marginata

Ken Uy - Some Greenhouse Photos

Haworthia esterhuezenii

Haworthia esterhuezenii

Haworthia : haworthia esterhuezenii

Gasteria "Persia" (NCS)

Planet Gasteria "Persia" (NCS)

Haworthia 'socrate'

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s hybrid of picta mosaic

Haworthia hybrid splendens x retusa

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Gasteria loedolffiae

(1) Gasteria : Gasteria loedolffiae

"New named Gasteria in Bradleya 32/2014
Gasteria loedolffiae

Mzimvubu River Falls..Type loc., 2003 found on a River expedition,
and named as .G. exelsa.
This plant is from the upper Msikaba river cliffs, and now also named as,
Gasteria loedolffiae
CG097 ex NBG. - EvJ" - Cok Grootscholten

Haworthia pungens. Braamriver, Joubertina. JdV96/100 - 19-3-2009

Steven Molteno - Photos from Steven's post in Molteno Haworthia : Haworthia pungens

Haworthia pungens

Steven Molteno - Photos from Steven Molteno's post in Haworthia

Gasteria armstrongii hyb. varieg. 'Orihime (織女)'

Variegated Succulents are AWESOME!

Haworthia hybrid

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Haworthia pygmaea crystaline form x bayeri

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