Friday, 17 October 2014

Haworthia aristata unicolor Montagu M68

Photos from Marcellus Wallace's post in Haworthia - Marcellus Wallace

Juan Ramón Alonso Not
aristata. From Montagu it can be H. montagua ( a intermediate plant
between H. arachnoidea v. nigricans and H. mucronata) or unicolor
(arachnoidea v. nigricans), but it seems mucronata v. rycroftiana
(integra in Breuer classification)

Gryphon Greenhouse I
have this plant and bought it from Abbey Gardens in the 80's. They
called it Unicolor. Mine looks exactly like the one in the picture with
very bright red leaf tips.

Marcellus Wallace Thanks for the comments. I could not find much info after this plant. I got it from M. Michal Süsser with the tag. It says 'aristata unicolor Montagu M68'. It's a beauty, of course, perfectly symmetric, big and elegant.

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